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About Redeye Premium


Top Picks is our showcase portfolio that contains our absolute best investment cases. The companies in the portfolio are handpicked by our most experienced analysts and management is based on our own Redeye-rating and fundamental analysis. How has Top Picks performed so far? We are proud to announce that the return over the past seven years has been 447 %, compared to index 98 % (as of May 2016). With Top Picks you get:

Real-time management - Through well-timed transactions we provide you with attractive investment cases.

Continuous portfolio comments about existing holdings and reasoning about what could be the next step in management.

Closed Positions gives you the opportunity to see all closed positions and their impact on the progress of the portfolio.


Knowledge about potential catalysts is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to determining a company's future growth and minimizing uncertainties. With Catalyst Potential you can easily identify events that according to our professional analysts, could be the most significant for a revaluation of a company to occur. It can be both external and internal events. With Catalyst Potential you get our analysts view on:

The catalysts that are most relevant to the companies that Redeye monitor.
The impact of the catalysts and the probability that they occur.
When the catalysts are expected to transpire.


Premium Flow gives you an advantage when it comes to making smart investment decisions, which could also help reduce the risk in your current holdings. To give you the best possible position to act on our news and analysis, we report in real time and notify you by email as soon as new content is published. With Premium Flow you can access:

Our Investment Notes, which are only distributed to Premium Members.
Exclusive articles with a focus on portfolio management and smart investment strategies.
The investor’s bookshelf - Book recommendations regarding investments.
Direct reporting of news and analyses/research.


Every Friday, we will send you an email with a summary of all publications from the past week, to make sure you never miss an important piece of information.

* Please note that most of our Premium content is written in Swedish.


Innehållet i Premium tjänsten får inte distribueras eller kopieras för annat än personligt bruk. Bedömningar i Premium tjänsten kan motsäga andra bedömningar från Redeye och olika information eller tjänster har ingen koppling till varandra. Redeye kan inte på något sätt ansvara för de investeringsbeslut som Premium tjänsten leder till. Dennatjänst är avsedd att vara ett av flera redskap vid ett investeringsbeslut. Varje investerare uppmanas att komplettera med ytterligare relevant material samt konsultera en finansiell rådgivare inför ett eventuellt investeringsbeslut. Finansiella instrument kan både öka och minska i värde. Redeye frånsäger sig därmed allt ansvar för eventuell förlust eller skada av vad slag det må vara som grundar sig på användandet av tjänsten. Redeyes medarbetare kan äga aktier i bolag som omnämns i tjänsten. Mer information om Redeyesetiska regler, samt riktlinjer för hantering av intressekonflikter, kan du läsa på Copyright Redeye AB.