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General terms and conditions for visiting and using Redeye’s online services and Special terms and conditions for Premium membership.

General terms and conditions for visiting and using Redeye’s online services.

Information about Redeye

Redeye AB, corporate identity number 556581-2954 ("Redeye"), is a specialised financial advisor for growth companies in the Nordics, focusing on the sectors Technology and Life Science. Redeye provides services in corporate advisory, equity research and investor relations. Redeye was founded in 1999 and has been under the supervision of the Swedish financial supervisory authority, Finansinspektionen, since 2007.

Contact: Redeye AB Mäster Samuelsgatan 42, 10th floor Box 7141 SE-103 87 Stockholm Tel.: +46 8 545 013 30 E-mail:


Redeye and its partners and content providers are not responsible for any of the content presented in Redeye’s online services, such as the basic membership, premium membership or any other service or content, directly or indirectly, which may lead to damage or loss to the user or any other person who has partaken in the online service content. Redeye shall not be liable in relation to the user or to third parties for direct or indirect damages, lost profits or revenues or other damage caused by the contents, in any way, being erroneous, incorrectly displayed or presented incorrectly or entirely absent due to errors on the part of Redeye or any of its partners or content providers, or due to other reasons. This includes all cases in which information may be delayed, is incorrectly displayed, has false values or is entirely absent, and cases in which problems may lead to disruptions, or to Redeye’s online services ceasing to function temporarily or for longer periods, whether due to technical or other reasons. Redeye is not responsible for suppliers or their content, products or services presented by Redeye. Neither does Redeye hold any responsibility for representations or information deriving from Redeye’s suppliers or for errors in their product or for delay on their part. Neither Redeye, its partners or online service content providers are responsible for how the user chooses to use the information presented in the online service. User access and use of the service is entirely of the user’s own accord. Redeye reminds that investment in financial instruments is associated with both significant opportunities and great risks. Redeye discharges itself entirely from any liability for the results that may ensue from the user, in different ways, using the information presented in the online service in investments. Neither is Redeye responsible in any way whatsoever for how information provided through Redeye is used or interpreted.

Personal data

Redeye collects and stores personal data from visitors, basic and premium members (users) to offer and operate its online services. Redeye might also store information about users for marketing purposes. By becoming a member to Redeye’s services, you agree to Redeye handling personal data linked to your membership and, in the case of premium membership, the payment thereof. You also agree that Redeye may use your data to send you information, offers or promotions from Redeye or its partners. Redeye will only send such items that may be considered relevant to you as a recipient based on the gathered information. Redeye will not redistribute or otherwise disclose your personal data to other companies or individuals. You have the option to request an excerpt of the personal data that Redeye holds about you. This request should be sent to the address provided in the second paragraph of these General Terms and Conditions.

Use of Redeye online services and unauthorised disposal

You may republish material from Redeye’s online services by using and linking from a URL (Unique Resources Location) leading to Redeye’s content on Redeye’s online services. When specifying the URL, it should also be indicated that it is a link to Redeye’s online services.

As a visitor and user of the online services you agree that it is prohibited to use any form of robots, spiders or other automatic tools (with the exception of major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and similar) without written consent of Redeye. You agree at the same time not to 1) undertake any action which, in the opinion of Redeye, imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately heavy load on Redeye’s online services or actions that could lead to denial of service; 2) modify, re-publish, although with the exception of the aforementioned, copy, distribute, reproduce or derive works from Redeye’s online services to the public; 3) actively or mechanically affect or disrupt access to or functionality of Redeye’s online services.

As users and visitors of Redeye’s online services, you agree to the guidelines applied by Redeye, for contributions to its online services.

Force majeure

Redeye is exempt from liability for damage that the user may suffer due to events caused by circumstances beyond Redeye’s control, such as explosion, fire, flood or other accident, sabotage, act of war, strikes or other labour conflicts and amendments to laws and legislation or other action by authorities. The clause with respect to strikes or other labour disputes applies even if Redeye itself undertakes or is the object of such measures of conflict. In addition to what is normally understood to be events beyond Redeye’s control, it shall furthermore be considered to be an event that makes the provision of the online service more costly or onerous for Redeye compared to the initial conditions. Neither is Redeye liable in other cases to compensate the user for damage if Redeye has exercised due care.

Special terms and conditions for Premium membership

These terms and conditions apply to members of Redeye’s premium services. By becoming a premium member, you agree to these terms and conditions. Therefore, read through them carefully.

1. Premium membership
You become a premium member of Redeye by ordering through a form on Redeye’s website, Directly after your order has been completed, a confirmation is sent to your specified e-mail address. Premium membership is personal and may not be transferred, reassigned or used by anyone else. Login information is personal and may not be disclosed to another person. If you suspect that someone may have gained access to your details, please contact Redeye without delay. Contact details are provided at the beginning of this agreement. The premium membership provides you with access to the service directly on

2. Premium fee
The fee for premium membership is presented with the form through which the membership is ordered. Redeye has the right to amend the fee at any time. Such price amendments occur on and via e-mail to members no later than one month before the amendment takes effect.

3. Subscription period and contract term and termination
Redeye’s premium membership is structured as a subscription service with a subscription period of one month and automatic monthly renewal. The membership starts as soon as it is ordered. On the final day of the one month period following the order, the membership is automatically extended by one calendar month. The membership will thereafter be extended continuously until further notice. You are entitled at any time, without reason, to terminate your membership without notice. Memberships are terminated in “Payment Settings” on Membership fees are not refunded; the membership continues for the period covered by the paid fee. The membership will expire after the end of the aforementioned period. Redeye has the right to terminate your membership with one month’s notice. In special cases listed in these terms and conditions, Redeye has the right to immediately suspend a membership.

4. Payment
Payment for Premium membership can be made by credit card. When paying by card, the fee is charged at the time of ordering and at each renewal. In the event of non-payment, your Premium membership will be suspended immediately. Once the debt is settled, the service will be re- activated. Non-payment is not considered to be valid termination of the service.

5. Returns policy
You have the right, within 14 days from the date of ordering, to cancel your order. If you have partaken of the Premium membership, you have relinquished your right of withdrawal. If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, send an email to the contact information provided at the end of this agreement.

6. Accurate and truthful information
The data you enter when ordering the Premium membership must be true and accurate. If you provide information that is not true or accurate, Redeye has the right to terminate the service with immediate effect. In that event, Redeye has the right to retain the amount already paid for the service.

7. Use of the service
Use of the service is only permitted for private and non-commercial use.

8. Intellectual property
All copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights to the products are held by Redeye or its partners. As a subscriber you acquire no right to this intellectual property. For example it is not permitted to modify, copy, distribute, republish or sell the content in part or in whole.

9. Redeye’s responsibility
No guarantees regarding the content, information, products, services etc. provided on are given. Redeye cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by use or inability to use any of the services.

10. Breach of the terms and conditions
In the event of breach of the special terms and conditions in the purchase of the premium product, Redeye has the right to immediately suspend your membership without prior notification. You are obliged to compensate Redeye for any direct and indirect damage you caused Redeye after breaching the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

11. Personal data
See terms and conditions above.

12. Modified content
The content of the products can be modified or deleted without notice. Redeye has the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Agreement without your approval. Information regarding amended terms and conditions will be published on no later than one week prior to them taking effect. By continuing to use the service after the amendments have come into force, you agree to the change.

13. Governing law and disputes
The terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law. Disputes arising from the terms and conditions shall initially be heard by the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden) insofar that the Board is competent to hear the dispute and it is appropriate for the Board’s recommendation. Otherwise, the dispute shall be settled in a Swedish court, with the Stockholm District Court as the court of first instance.

Last reviewed 2016-03-21

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About Redeye Premium


Top Picks is our showcase portfolio that contains our absolute best investment cases. The companies in the portfolio are handpicked by our most experienced analysts and management is based on our own Redeye-rating and fundamental analysis. How has Top Picks performed so far? We are proud to announce that the return over the past seven years has been 447 %, compared to index 98 % (as of May 2016). With Top Picks you get:

Real-time management - Through well-timed transactions we provide you with attractive investment cases.

Continuous portfolio comments about existing holdings and reasoning about what could be the next step in management.

Closed Positions gives you the opportunity to see all closed positions and their impact on the progress of the portfolio.


Knowledge about potential catalysts is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to determining a company's future growth and minimizing uncertainties. With Catalyst Potential you can easily identify events that according to our professional analysts, could be the most significant for a revaluation of a company to occur. It can be both external and internal events. With Catalyst Potential you get our analysts view on:

The catalysts that are most relevant to the companies that Redeye monitor.
The impact of the catalysts and the probability that they occur.
When the catalysts are expected to transpire.


Premium Flow gives you an advantage when it comes to making smart investment decisions, which could also help reduce the risk in your current holdings. To give you the best possible position to act on our news and analysis, we report in real time and notify you by email as soon as new content is published. With Premium Flow you can access:

Our Investment Notes, which are only distributed to Premium Members.
Exclusive articles with a focus on portfolio management and smart investment strategies.
The investor’s bookshelf - Book recommendations regarding investments.
Direct reporting of news and analyses/research.


Every Friday, we will send you an email with a summary of all publications from the past week, to make sure you never miss an important piece of information.

* Please note that most of our Premium content is written in Swedish.


Innehållet i Premium tjänsten får inte distribueras eller kopieras för annat än personligt bruk. Bedömningar i Premium tjänsten kan motsäga andra bedömningar från Redeye och olika information eller tjänster har ingen koppling till varandra. Redeye kan inte på något sätt ansvara för de investeringsbeslut som Premium tjänsten leder till. Dennatjänst är avsedd att vara ett av flera redskap vid ett investeringsbeslut. Varje investerare uppmanas att komplettera med ytterligare relevant material samt konsultera en finansiell rådgivare inför ett eventuellt investeringsbeslut. Finansiella instrument kan både öka och minska i värde. Redeye frånsäger sig därmed allt ansvar för eventuell förlust eller skada av vad slag det må vara som grundar sig på användandet av tjänsten. Redeyes medarbetare kan äga aktier i bolag som omnämns i tjänsten. Mer information om Redeyesetiska regler, samt riktlinjer för hantering av intressekonflikter, kan du läsa på Copyright Redeye AB.